May 9, 2012

Today I want to share with you a small bash script I created to download all the Quran pages and then build a pdf of the whole book. I used this script to generate a 800px resolution book for my Kindle Touch. You can change the resolution by modifing the RESOLUTION variable.



for f in $(seq -f "page%03g.png" 604)
	echo "downloading width_$RESOLUTION/$f"
	wget -c $LINK/width_$RESOLUTION/$f > /dev/null  2>&1
echo "building the pdf"
convert page*.png quran.pdf
echo "Deleting downloaded images... "
rm page*.png
echo "Done. "

Attention: if any error occurred during the building step, you should relaunch the script because the pdf will miss some pages (it must contain exactly 604 pages).

#islam  #bash  #kindle  #tech 

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